Celebrating Our Big Winners!

Mohammed B.

Won: KSH 250,000

Experience the extraordinary triumph of MOHAMMED B., a true legend at BongoBongo's casino! With an astonishingly modest KSH 10 bet in the electrifying Fire Strike 2 game, MOHAMMED ignited the reels and blazed his way to an incredible KSH 250,000 win—one of the biggest victories in our casino's history.

Steven Y.

Won: KSH 14,490

Step into the wild with STEVEN, a fearless adventurer at BongoBongo's casino! With a daring KSH 50 bet in the captivating 5 Lions game, STEVEN encountered the majestic pride, winning an impressive KSH 14,490.

Moha S.

Won: KSH 36,000

Experience the fiery triumph of MOHA, a bold player at BongoBongo's casino! With a sizzling KSH 180 bet in the scorching Hot to Burn game, MOHA set the reels ablaze, winning a scintillating KSH 36,000.

Abdi S.

Won: KSH 55,687.50

Delve into the succulent world of victory with ABDI, a daring player at BongoBongo's casino! With a flavorful KSH 150 bet in the enticing Extra Juicy Megaways game, ABDI squeezed out a sweet win, harvesting an abundant KSH 55,687.50.

Abdi S. (2x Winner)

Won: KSH 75,000

Revel in the double triumph of ABDI, a seasoned player at BongoBongo's casino! With a strategic KSH 125 bet in the enchanting Winning Clover game, ABDI clinched another win, this time a remarkable KSH 75,000.

Abdi S. (3x Winner)

Won: KSH 61,355

Witness the extraordinary as ABDI achieves a hat-trick at BongoBongo's casino! With a KSH 100 bet in the enchanting 5 Frozen Charms Megaways game, ABDI secures his third consecutive win, this time an impressive KSH 61,355.

Kelvin C.

Won: KSH 115,716.70

Embark on a thrilling flight of victory with KELVIN, a high-flying player at BongoBongo's casino! KELVIN soared through the skies with a daring KSH 590 bet in the captivating Aviator game, landing an impressive KSH 115,716.70 win.

Kelvin C. (2x Winner)

Won: KSH 39,052.80

Join KELVIN on another exhilarating flight at BongoBongo's casino! With a KSH 480 bet in the captivating Aviator game, KELVIN conquers the skies again, landing a remarkable KSH 39,052.80 win.

Enock M.

Won: KSH 35,000

Embark on a wild adventure with ENOCK, a bold player at BongoBongo's casino! ENOCK ignited the reels with a daring KSH 250 bet in the captivating 5 Wild Heart game, winning a thrilling KSH 35,000.

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