Crash & Win Prize Drops

Crash & Win Prize Drops

The “Crash & Win Prize Drops" daily Prize Drops are active in these games and run from the 6th of March 2024 to the 5th of June 2024, giving away EUR 3,500 daily.

Crash & Win Prize Drops

It's ON 🔥🔥🔥Play in the “Crash & Win Prize Drop” daily Prize Drops are active in these games and run from the 6th of March 2024 to the 5th of June 2024, and win a share of EUR 318,500 (54,000,000 KSh)🏆


1️⃣ Create an account and deposit (if you haven't already done so).

2️⃣ Head over to the Bongobongo Casino page and click on the Tournament filter for all applicable Pragmatic tournament games casino page.

3️⃣ Place qualifying bet on “Spaceman“ or “Big Bass Crash“ to qualify for entry.


  • Pragmatic Play’s “Crash & Win Prize Drops’” promotion (the “Promotion”) comprises of three hundred (300), daily prize drops (each a “Crash & Win Prize Drop”) which will run daily during the Promotion Term.
  • In order to participate in any of the Crash & Win Prize Drops, a player must open any of the participating games and join/opt in.
  • In order to be eligible to participate in the Promotion, a player shall be required to place a Qualifying Bet.
  • There is no additional cost to participate in the Promotion.
  • Expected total prize pool: ~total Pool in cash.
  • Prizes will be paid out as per the ‘Prizes’ tab in the participating games or in the table above these Terms and Conditions.
  • All amounts are displayed in-game in the Player's Currency (where "Player's Currency" means the currency of the territory in which the player is located).
  • Prizes in Crash & Win Prize Drops may be won by players in the form of fixed cash amount as set out in the Crash & Win Prize Drops Prize Table.
  • The Crash & Win Prize Drops rules are built-in the participating games.
  • The Crash & Win Prize Drops prize table updates in real-time showing the current standings as well as the number of prizes left.
  • The Crash & Win Prize Drops will end daily upon the earlier of: (I) 18:59 CET/CEST; or (ii) when there are no more prizes left.
  • A portion of undistributed funds from the Drops & Wins Network promotion will be awarded to players in the Crash & Win Prize Drops promotion.
  • Pragmatic Play reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel Crash & Win Prize Drops, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players that have opted-in unless the amendment is required to manage/prevent fraud and other unlawful behaviour.
  • The total prize pool of 318,500 EUR is broken down to 3,500 EUR in prizes per day, further broken down as follows:

  • Quantity X Prize Value = Total

  • 1 X 500.00 EUR = 500.00 EUR (KSh 90,000 )
  • 1 X 200.00 EUR = 200.00 EUR (KSh 36,000 )
  • 2 X 100.00 EUR = 200.00 EUR (KSh 36,000 )
  • 6 X 50.00 EUR = 300.00 EUR (KSh 54,000 )
  • 30 X 20.00 EUR = 600.00 EUR (KSh 108,000 )
  • 80 X 10.00 EUR = 800 EUR (KSh 144,000 )
  • 180 X 5.00 EUR = 900.00 EUR (KSh 162,000 )

                Total                         3,500.00 EUR  Per day!
                Total  Pool             ** 318,500.00 EUR  (KSh 54,000,000)**

    • Prizes will be paid in local currency based on the prevailing FX rate at the time of the prize awarding.